Africa rejects GM experiments

Africa rejects GM experiments

News Media Release, August 11, 2015
Australia tries to colonise Africa with GM crops & foods

Mariam Mayet, founder and director of the non-profit African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) in Johannesburg South Africa, will speak at The Drill Hall in Melbourne on Thursday 13th August, at 7.30pm. ACB campaigns to protect Africa's biological diversity, traditional knowledge, seed systems, farming and culture from genetically manipulated (GM) products and industrialised agriculture.

"We oppose moves to bring into Uganda and other East African countries, the GM bananas developed and trialled in Queensland and the CSIRO's GM cow peas," says Mariam Mayet.

"GM banana research, that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation heavily fund, is headed by Professor James Dale at the Queensland University of Technology.

"Dale's team is engineering bananas to be "bio-fortified". It is claimed the fruit makes more beta-carotene and Vitamin A, as nutrient deficient bananas dominate some African diets.

"The GM genes were pirated from traditional high Vitamin A bananas widely grown in the Pacific. Ms Mayet wants traditional bananas grown in Africa, not the risky, high-tech and expensive GM plants.

"150 organizations and experts in Africa, USA, Europe and Germany issued an open letter to governments opposing promotion of GM crops in Africa," Ms Mayet says.

"Cowpea is an ancient crop native to our continent that feeds millions of Africans with affordable protein, during hard times, and gives farmers nitrogen fixing, animal fodder and erosion protection.

"We do not want or need Africa's cowpea genetically engineered.

"For a durable, permanent solution to malnutrition, a balanced diet including green leafy vegetables would provide all the key micronutrients essential for good health.

"African governments must ensure that all their people have access to an affordable diet of nutritious foods that are naturally vitamin rich," Mariam Mayet of ACB concludes. 

Hear Mariam Mayet, Director African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) on Thursday August 13th 2015, 7.30-9.30pm, The Drill Hall 26 Therry St, Melbourne (near Vic Market)






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