Global Marches Against Monsanto

The Marches against Monsanto in May 2013 were the largest global protests since the rallies against the Iraq war. They involved over 2 million people in 52 countries and 436 cities and towns.

This site has some great films of the events

MAM facebook pages worldwide

The wildfire spread of the campaign through social media is perhaps why Monsanto CEO criticized it for helping to spread ‘elitist’ opposition to GM crops.

Optimistic words from the USA

In Australia, ten marches were held in 7 cities and 3 regional towns. See below…

In New Zealand, 2,000 people rallied at 14 towns and cities across the country, with marches in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Films here

Monsanto responded on the eve of the marches with the announcement that they have joined the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia.

What’s Next?

Sat October 12th 2013 is the next Global March against Monsanto. Many groups are organising already, with GM-free music at their events. For GM-free songs, see “the Eatles” links below.

Building on our successful marches are the following events:

4th July Moms Across America are marching in 4th July parades in the USA for GM labelling. Contact MADGE if you want to link with them across the Pacific. Find the US group on facebook and contact for the Australian on-line event.

22nd July In Melbourne, protests against Monsanto and BHP will take place on the International Day of Action against Multinationals

19th-25th August Fair Food Week will build links between growers and eaters. The People’s Food Plan is moving ahead. Read the Plan here

March on Facebook:

Song by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth, new words to well-known tune.  With only 24 hours notice, Kelly agreed to sing & with husband William wrote this in the car on the way up from their farm just east of Williams:

TV coverage !

Organising for the next March:

2. Albany
300 people in good weather in Albany, WA.

Close to 500 people marched. A new group “Brisbane NO GMO Network” is coordinating future events

4. Cairns
One musical version of the day

In North Queensland, people are organising!  Contact

Or visit

New South Wales
Film of whole rally – 1.24 hours

Andrea Glazier speaking


500 people in the Memorial Hall and then a march through the streets.

7. Melbourne
The largest in Australia – 2-3,000 people on a (rare) sunny day. Edited film of rally
A personal story

8. Adelaide
Film of the speeches and the March

This page is still active

Over 300 people rallied and listened to speakers.

Rally in Garema Place, Canberra
Facebook still active, a new group forming..



Kwazulu-Natel, Durban, South Africa