"Moms Across America" March on 4th July

"Moms Across America" March on 4th July, supported by Melbourne mums

4th July – Independence From GM Food

Aussie mums who want the freedom to know what is in our food will be holding a tea party outside Monsanto's Offices in Melbourne in support of marches by the "Moms Across America".

Moms Across America will march in Fourth of July parades, calling for GM labelling. Their slogan is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids". The momentum has built quickly, with over 170 events planned across the States. (link below)

In Australia, we also suffer from lack of comprehensive GM labelling. Even infant formula can contain up to 1% GM contamination and escape labelling. Our children are not guinea pigs. Meet at Midday at the big teapot, 600 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne.Tram Stop 27.

More info : MADGE info@madge.org.au    Jessica 0407307231 Fran 0401407944

Locations of US events : http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/usa_parade_list

Interview with Jessica, Fran and Kathleen on 4th July events