Food producers are responding to consumer demands for groceries free of Genetically Manipulated Organisms (GMO’s)

A growing list of brands cater to our right to choose non-GM foods. Awareness of GMOs is increasing demand for both conventional non-GMO and organic foods. Labelled GM-free food products put market pressure on food manufacturers to choose non-GMO suppliers and support local farmers.

The GM-Free Shopping List helps consumers make an informed choice.

The GMFAA distributes the GM-Free Shopping List free of charge, posted, online and at local, regional, and national events. 


Work on the re-launch of the Truefood Guide by the GMFAA is now in progress. 

MADGE Australia Inc researches the food system to allow people to choose food that is good for those who eat it, grow it, produce and sell it.

More detailed information on avoiding GMOs, including hidden ingredients and food additives.

Shop Ethical is an ethical shopping website which produces a pocket-sized Guide and sells an app for all your shopping queries, which includes a category for GMOs based on the Truefood Guide.

Download the MADGE app to help you choose GM-free food :

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